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buy dapoxetine uk online The West Shore Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Junior Leadership Program (JLP) is designed for high school students in their Junior year. The program is designed to familiarize young leaders with the various elements that form a strong and dynamic community and to help students develop leadership skills. JLP will consist of an orientation, a series of 6 weekday sessions, a weekend community event, and a graduation ceremony. The program will be offered to Central Pennsylvania’s private, public and parochial school students.

tobrex eye drops buy online Students will work with adult leaders in their community during the six day-long seminars. Each session will have a different topic and will generally take place from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. once a month from September through March, excluding December.

The curriculum will acquaint participants with community needs, opportunities, challenges and resources. It will give them the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and team building skills. It will provide them with the opportunity to interact with students from other schools, community leaders and decision makers.

Program Objectives:

  • Encourage students to recognize and develop the skills needed for leadership potential
  • Provide opportunities for a diverse group of students to interact with one another and with community leaders and decision makers.
  • Acquaint students with community needs, resources and other aspects of the West Shore area.
  • Introduce students to emerging career opportunities by working with a variety of professionals. They will also discover what it takes to reach their goals and acquire some of the skills needed to get there.
  • Foster students’ interest in volunteer community service.